27 Sep

september came in as august went out, hot sunny and very dry. The water hasn’t been running now for a couple of weeks and the garden is beginning to look dry. The potatoes have stopped growing almost, but what a crop I got from them, the biggest ones I have ever grown ! enough to see me going for quite awhile……next year more will be planted.  they took very little work and except for the horse manure i gathered from the ‘horse’ invasion in May they have managed with just the dug out soil from the ruin…….like all the veg i grew this year……..carrots were long thick veg …..I only had a dozen or so, germination was eractic, i must get them germinated when the water is still running next spring……still, like the potatoes have more to come out. the rhubarb was brillant, so much of it and it was just a seddling i transplanted from last year…..I must put another one in !   Cabbage was sweet as so were the onions, growing at this height on a mountain gives a depth of flavour which is hard to decribe …….after all the snow we had last winter all did very well ……the clours are just beginning to change now and we are into the rutting season, last week i heard a couple of stags battle it out and will hopefully get up there another night to listen to them……wilderness where animals roam free…..






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