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7 Dec

Autumn was hot and long, very dry, we only got water running late in the month after a huge storm severely affected the vallee des gaves. Good to have it running again…..dug up the last of the potatoes/carrots, cut some cabbage …..the parsnips are germinating very late, so maybe i will have some by May ! I picked my last courgette in late october, i’m surprised this high, 1000m etres, that the frost didn’t come sooner. planted in some new fruit trees, i hope they do ok with the snow arriving in early december. I mulched them with the hay that was left over from the little wild meadow…..hopefully keep the very low temps away from their roots. some ¬†of the new trees include an apple, gala and a pear, pyrus communis. I must make a design of the garden and take note what i have planted, labels get lost, as do names in the brain !!